What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

"DSI has exceeded our expectations. They have become an extension of our team and have filled our pipeline with qualified appointments. DSI has a knack for securing meetings with high-level decision makers. We highly recommend their services." 

- Mike, Director of Sales Obrien, Inc.

"Dynamic Sales has been a big help in our strategy to expand into new markets. Their work has provided us great appointments that we hope to leverage into new clients. Their ability to qualify calls to match up to our parameters really helped, they understood what our business is all about and tailored the message accordingly."

- Wayne Kubek, Partner IFS

"I was so pleased with Dynamic Sales Innovations that I extended their contract three times during our relationship. I would highly recommend Dave and his firm for any business that is either starting or questioning the results of their current marketing efforts. Dynamic Sales Innovations achieve consistent results for their clients."

- Dave Giesen, Owner Independent Business Consultant

"We have tried other prospecting agencies in the past and no organization has ever produced the results we get from Dynamic Sales. They get appointments."

- Gary Matte, CEO Boomm Marketing & Communications

"We have been extremely pleased with the results obtained by Dynamic Sales Innovations. DSI's callers are uniquely talented at engaging our prospects in conversations and getting them genuinely excited about our solutions. We couldn't be happier with our decision to proceed with them."

- Sid Haas, Vice President of Business Development LKCS

"Dynamic Sales Innovations got results where others failed. They set great appointments with the right people on a constant basis. Their management team was a pleasure to work with, we felt that they genuinely cared about us as a client. I highly recommend them."

- Phillip Maxwell, Director of Sales T-Mobile

Use An Appointment Setting Service To Change Perception Of Cold Calls

The job of cold caller can be a downer for many people. Many consumers consider cold calls as intrusions to sell them things they don’t want. The process of cold calling has gotten a bad name in residential sales from telemarketers who call at dinner or from “Rachel from Card Services” who bothers people day  Continue Reading »

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Building A Highly Qualified Prospect List By Using Cold Calling Companies

In many businesses, cold calling, which means soliciting business from potential customers whom the caller did not know before the call, is a way to get appointments, and in some industries, to make sales. Salesmen, who directly benefit from leads produced by cold calling, often do not enjoy the process. It is time-consuming and often  Continue Reading »

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Best In Class B2B Telemarketing Company

Best In Class Results

Dynamic Sales Innovations cost-effective solutions for optimizing new top line growth starts with the basics, no short cuts-no false promises, we offer …

  • The best talent in the telemarketing industry, W-2 employees that are closely managed and monitored by DSI’s management staff.  We DO NOT use contract labor working from their homes or off shore for cold calling, appointment setting, and telemarketing services.
  • We are a brick and mortar facility telemarketing company where all DSI employees come to work.  We ARE NOT not a home based virtual company like many others
  • We manage our appointment setting, cold calling, & prospecting efforts with a strategic sales focused Lead Nurturing approach
  • We are accountable for every cold call we make and will provide detailed reporting to our clients.
  • Defining success starts with providing Qualified Appointments to our clients, WE WILL NOT send you out on non qualified wild goose chases

Appointment Setting and Cold Calling at it’s best

home2Our Business Development Specialists are highly trained and possess a strong business acumen that allows them to effectively navigate through complex corporate hierarchies, reaching key decision makers for your product or service.  We are not your typical telemarketing company.